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Chad Ant Amoroso is a twenty year-old college student taking up Communication Arts. A tumblr blogger since 2010 he blogs about random things such as thoughts on daily life, facts, quotes, calligraphy, vanity and sometimes profanity; An amateur artist, photographer and writer he aspires to be professional someday. He is currently on his way to achieve his goals. He is also a Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant.
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"saudade [sou-dahd,dahj]"
(noun) A Portuguese, untranslatable word romanticizing nostalgia in its purest form. This beautiful feeling captures the yearning for someone or something that you love, which is now lost. It a is melancholic longing. Saudade’s pronunciation varies according to the speaker and country, which only adds to its sincerity and vulnerability.
Sunday, 31 August 2014


Need to catch up on teen wolf, clearly….!!!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I’m a fool, a fool for thinking and ever believing that someone like you could love a person like me.

A person who is no close to equal to you, but who can decide which fate to choose? A fate so beautiful yet so hauntingly painful.

You swept me off guard. I never expected I could ever feel this way to someone; yet I have fallen for you.

I love seeing you smile, I love making you happy. Your smile is such a treasure to behold.

Everyday I try to think of things, ways how to make you happy because making you happy is the greatest joy in the world I could ever hold.

I love you, I love you very much. I will never want to make you sad, I won’t even dare.

to see you sad, to see you frown is like a life that lost its essence. The substances that makes life what it is is lost.

I lay in a cold abyss. The deafening silence echoes through my soul like a lance piercing through my chest.

I bleed, I bleed as if all the blood has been sucked out of me.

And then I hear your laugh…

That sweet, sweet melody that warms the earth and melts the ice.

Like the spring that comes after winter.

The hope that’s left in Pandora’s box.

You make me.

My whole world revolves around you.

Every bit of my being sings of your beauty

I love you.

A life without you is not a life worth living.

And I will always long for the day that you will love me back.


You make me happy even if you don’t do anything. I am happy just to see you smile and hear your voice. You’re the most adorable person I’ve ever met. I love you. You make my world stop whenever your around, when I’m with you everything seems to so perfect, so at peace. I gaze at your face, see those eyes in which the heavens happily blessed with stars, your smile that makes my whole world go round. All so perfect and you are perfect. You never fail to amaze me and I always fall for you. Your laugh are such a joy, like a melody that never ceases to indulge the ears of its listeners. Loving you is the greatest joy I’ve ever experienced and the greatest pain I’ve ever felt. 

Published on May 20, 2009

The National Film Board of Canada, in association with the Cannes Short Film Corner and partner YouTube, welcomes you to this NFB competition, now in its fifth year.

Director: Joaquin Baldwin
Running Time: 4’06
Country: U.S.A.
Category: Drama

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

Joaquin Baldwin is an Annie Award nominee director and animator from Paraguay. Living in Los Angeles, he is now finishing his MFA in animation at UCLA. He has received over 50 international awards for his animated films Sebastian’s Voodoo and Papiroflexia, and also several grants including the Jack Kent Cooke full Graduate Scholarship in 2006.


Friday, 29 August 2014
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